School Staff

Staff 2017-2018

Hollie Mahusky - KP Physical Education

Primary French Extended

Andrew Wilson
Junior French Extended

Junior French Immersion
Nina Palmer -  Physical Education

Michelle Leafloor     

Educational Assistants
Emily Malis
Chris Scott
Tania Voldock

Library Technician
Nicole Szeideman

Extended Day Program
Antonia Emmanuel
Sundari McDonagh

Francois Mayer - Head Custodian
Perry Carino - Evening Custodian

Casual Office Administrator/Lunch Monitor
Monica Jones

Office Administrator
Catherine Jeffrey

Laurie Di Labio

About Our School

School Philosophy

The Ottawa Catholic School Board Mission Statement outlines the philosophy, values and beliefs of the Board. The Mission statement states: "In partnership with home, parish and community, the Ottawa Catholic School Board ensures that the teachings and values of Jesus Christ are integrated in all aspects of school life. By providing the necessary resources for quality Catholic education, the Board supports the development of lifelong learners striving for academic excellence in a nurturing, safe and vibrant community. All individuals are challenged to become responsible and contributing citizens in an increasingly complex and diverse world."

The philosophy of St. Gregory is based on this mission statement. Our school will always be one where the needs of our students are of the utmost importance. We will always be a warm, inviting and caring place. It is a place where the parents can feel that they are an integral part of the school community.

School Schedule

Entry Bell9:15
 Block 19:15-10:30
 Block 210:45-12:00
 Block 31:00 - 2:15
Recess2:15 - 2:30
 Block 42:30- 3:45

Kindergarten Schedule 
JK/SK AM Recess      11:15 - 11:50
JK/SK Lunch              12:00 - 12:25 
JK/SK Quiet Time       1:15 - 1:45

Ontario EcoSchools

We are also a  GOLD CERTIFIED EcoSchool.

EcoSchools certification recognizes a school for its environmental initiatives, awarding the school bronze, silver or gold EcoSchool status depending on how fully the school has met the requirements of the program. We are very excited to be at GOLD!

Athletics, Clubs and Teams

Co-ed Ultimate Field:
Co-ed Ultimate Frisbee
Cross Country Running:
Gymnastics Showcase:

Destination Imagination
ECO Club
Makerspace Club
Milk Bag Club
Peace Builders
Social Justice Club

Activities 2017-2018
Engineers in Residence
Gingerbread Night
Jr. Ski Day
Jump Rope for Heart
Junkyard Symphony
Lenten Fundraiser
Scholastic Book Fair
Scientists in the School
Spirit Days
St. Gregory's Got Talent
Swim to Survive (Gr. 3)
Tennis in the Schools
Valentine Dance
WE Day
We SCARE hunger Food Drive

We encourage our students to participate in extracurricular clubs and school teams each year. We know many students have opportunity to participate in local area teams and some of our students do not have this opportunity. Therefore, we attempt to motivate all students to try out for our school teams and our aim is to involve as many students as possible. 

Our school fundraiser is run by the School Council in November.  The results of the Lottery Calendar draws can be found on the Catholic School Council page.